coda - Excerpts from interviews with sources

Bruce Adams.jpg

Bruce Adams: San Juan County Commissioner. Adams taught high school science for 30 years before serving as a Commissioner.

“…I don’t think we’re going to  keep the kids around. I think we’re headed to a tourism-based economy…”

Interview date: 1-25-16 .

Ken Sleight: River guide, conservationist, and Utahn who traversed the Colorado River systems in Utah from the 1950s-1980s. Sleight was the model for Seldom Seen Smith in Edward Abbey’s classic The Monkey Wrench Gang.

“You can’t have thousands of people going down and expect it to be preserved…are you destroying the very thing you want people to see…”

Interview date:  11-13-15

Josh Ewing.png

Josh Ewing: Executive Director of Friends of Cedar Mesa.

“The worst case scenario for now is that nothing happens, because we’ve kind of publicized the heck out of this place…even more people coming to visit without any resources or plans …”

Interview date: 4-20-16. 


“…need quite a bit of time to pass, people don’t want to see change, move here because they like it the way it is, need to have enough generations that you can’t be comparing to what it used to be …”

Interview Date 12-13-16.