• Links to primary source websites useful in understanding the story of Bears Ears, public land debates, and issues of Native sovereignty

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Reliable sources for current news related to bears ears:

Jonathan Thompson at High Country News has penned beautifully written, impressively comprehensive and refreshingly nuanced stories about the people and politics behind the flashy headlines about Bears Ears.

The Salt Lake Tribune's Brian Maffly could be called a Bears Ears beat reporter, though he covers the much broader topics of public lands and the environment. With some key assists from fellow reporter Thomas Burr, Maffly has doggedly covered every facet of this story.

Environment reporter Amy Joi O'Donohue has been Deseret News's go-to reporter on Bears Ears, and holds the distinction of being the only reporter to tour Bears Ears with Secretary Zinke, and on horseback to boot. 

Judy Fayhs of KUER, a Salt Lake City-based NPR affiliate, has given voice to the key individuals in the Bears Ears debate and presented both sides of the story in a sensitive manner.

On the national front, Juliet Eilperin of the Washington Post has done a commendable job of following the Bears Ears story from afar while making occasional on-the-ground trips to speak with sources in person.

Additional Resources and Suggested Readings:

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