In late 2016 President Obama designated 135 million acres of land in San Juan County, Utah as Bears Ears National Monument. On December 4, 2017 President Trump chose to shrink the monument by 85%. Rich in human history and unsurpassed in natural beauty, Bears Ears is at the heart of a national debate over the future of public lands. In a pair of complementary books, Voices from Bears Ears: Seeking Common Ground on Sacred Land and Bears Ears: Views from a Sacred Land writer Rebecca Robinson and photographer Stephen Strom capture the passions of those on opposing sides of the Bear Ears battle. Interwoven with these stories are images that reveal the rugged beauty of Bears Ears country: a landscape of endless ridges, buttes, mesas and canyons sculpted and painted by water and wind. Together, the voices and the photographs tell a remarkable story of the connection between individuals and cultures and the land which is inseparable from their experience of life itself.

october 6, 2019: Archaeology southwest, tucson, AZ

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OCTOBER 19, 2019: Bluff arts festival, BLUFF, UT


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