Bears Ears in the News: Did Somebody Say Uranium?

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A small sampling of the latest Bears Ears news for your reading pleasure.

Southern Utah Uranium Producers Hope Trump’s Trade Decision Will Benefit Them - Salt Lake Tribune

President Trump’s interest in jumpstarting domestic uranium production may breathe new life into an industry that once was central to San Juan County’s economy but has been in decades-long decline. Brian Maffly reports.

New Advisory Panel for Bears Ears National Monument Becomes Latest Flashpoint in Debate - St. George News

After much ado and significant stalling, the Trump administration released the names of the individuals selected for the advisory committee that will work with federal land management agencies to draft a management plan for the much-reduced Bears Ears National Monument. The committee is chock full of individuals who spoke out publicly against Obama’s declaration of the monument. By contrast, no monument proponents were selected, and there is not a single representative from the Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition, the Native-led group which led the movement to establish the monument Obama created in late 2016. Read more here.

Tensions high as residents comment at meeting - San Juan Record

The venerable San Juan Record continues to cover the fallout from the November 2018 election that shifted the balance of power in the county to Native Americans (who, it should be noted, comprise more than 50% of the county population). This story exemplifies the tensions between some local Anglos and Natives, tensions that threaten to tear the county apart.