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We’ve interviewed over 70 individuals, listening to people’s stories of their connection to the land – both supporters of the monument and those who were against its designation. There is a rich sense of history, a complex and nuanced story beneath the dramatic and inflammatory headlines.


In telling the stories, in depth and with compassion and respect, our hope is that people will have a chance to be heard and will have a chance to hear others with openness to their different life experiences. And that through listening and caring people can come together in respectful dialogue and find solutions that have eluded previous generations.

Help us to tell the untold stories and

document the struggles to find common ground.

Be a part of our efforts to share the beauty and grandeur of the land itself.


With your help We can take a major step forward toward achieving two goals:

        ◊ Primary: $20,000
           Print Bears Ears Country: Finding Common Ground on Sacred Land and Bears Ears: A Visual Journey
        ◊ Stretch: $50,000
           Enable new reporting and photography

  •   In depth long form reporting on issues of Native sovereignty in Utah and other regions of the West.
  •   One-on-one interviews with representatives of diverse constituencies.
  •   Arranging discussions amongst diverse groups seeking oportunities to move forward with constructive dialogue
  •   Photo essays documenting threatened western landscapes.
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