excerpts of interviews about the search for compromise on public lands issues in the west

Bruce Adams

Bruce Adams:  San Juan County Commissioner.

“All of that property belongs to the Federal government. So whatever they decide to do with it; it’s up to them; it’s really not up to me...”

Interview date 1-25-16

7 Rebecca Benally PHOTO_02_1x1_v2.jpg

Rebecca Benally:San Juan County Commissioner, representing the southern part of the county, including the Utah portion of the Navajo Nation.

“respect everyone’s differences and input, I represent my constituents; I will respect whatever happens”

“Cedar Mesa should be protected and preserved for Native American access for ceremonies and gathering…”

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Heidi Redd

Heidi Redd: A cattle rancher since 1965.  Redd served as a member of San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman’s Public Lands Council.

“I think we do need tourism, but I don’t think that should be the only egg in the basket… What this county has lived on for ages has been minerals …”

Interview date: 4-20-16


Jim Dabakis: (D-UT) Member, Utah State Senate representing District-2

“Don’t underestimate the few special interests…that have no intention really of trying to move the needle to wherever the economy is going to go…”

Interview date 6-6-16

Gavin Noyes

Gavin Noyes: Executive Director of Utah Dine Bikeyah.

“There’s four divides in the county – there’s native and non-native, then there’s Mormon and non-Mormon, and that’s woven through in both cultures… trying to think of ways to break through some of those barriers …”

Interview Date 6-7-16

Charles Wilkinson

Charles Wilkinson: Professor of Law (emeritus) at the University of Colorado, Boulder and a long time advocate for Native American rights.

“I will say one thing about the Coalition.  To their everlasting credit, they have not used the word ‘racist’ in public…”

Interview Date 3-7-16

Phil Lyman

Phil Lyman: San Juan County Commissioner who organized the Lands Council in response to Rep. Rob Bishop’s (R-UT) call to provide stakeholder driven input to the Utah Public Lands Inititative.

“This is not our land. This is federal land… You came to see a boxing match and it was more of a chess game…I’m not going to go in swinging….”

Interview date: 4-5-16

Sue Bellagama.png

Sue Bellagamba: Canyonlands Regional Director, Utah Nature Conservancy.

“You demonstrate that conservation and human needs can work hand in hand…”

Interview date: 4-29-16

p. 84 Robinson 30_5 Rob Bishop Photo 02.jpg

Rob Bishop: (R-UT); currently chairs the House Committee on Natural Resources. In 2013, Bishop initiated the Utah Public Lands Initiative, which he describes as “a locally-driven effort to bring resolution and certainty to the most challenging land disputes in Utah.”

“A monument would be counterproductive….”

Interview date 10-14-16