excerpts of interviews related to Mormon beliefs about land stewardship

Kay and Patsy Shumway

Kay and Patsy Shumway: The Shumways are longtime residents of Blanding, with roots in San Juan County extending back for 5 generations.

“I hope somewhere in your book you’ll use the word sacred…”

“what can we possibly do to show these federal agencies how the local people feel when they’re shut out of these places they’ve always loved for generations…”

Two clips.

Interview date: 10-26-15


LaRue Barton: Hole-in-the Rock Foundation, Bluff, UT.

One of the purposes of the Hole-in-the-Rock mission was to make friends with the Indians…”

Interview date:  11-5-15


Jim Dabakis (D-UT): Member, Utah State Senate representing District-2

“We’re very much the old cowboy West …”

Interview date: 6-6-16. 


Josh Ewing

Josh Ewing: Executive Director of Friends of Cedar Mesa.

“[The church] gets involved in politics far less than they are accused of…”

Interview date 12-13-16.