Mormon Theology and Land Stewardship - Excerpts from interviews with sources

Kay and Patsy Shumway

Kay and Patsy Shumway: The Shumways are longtime residents of Blanding, with roots in San Juan County extending back for 5 generations.

“I hope somewhere in your book you’ll use the word sacred…”

Interview date: 10-26-15

LaRue Barton

LaRue Barton: Hole-in-the Rock Foundation, Bluff, UT.

One of the purposes of the Hole-in-the-Rock mission was to make friends with the Indians…”

Interview date:  11-5-15

Jim Dabakis

Jim Dabakis (D-UT): Member, Utah State Senate representing District-2

“We’re very much the old cowboy West …”

Interview date: 6-6-16. 


Josh Ewing

Josh Ewing: Executive Director of Friends of Cedar Mesa.

“[The church] gets involved in politics far less than they are accused of…”

Interview date 12-13-16.