Native and Mormon Connection to San Juan County - Excerpts from interviews with sources

Bill Boyle

Bill Boyle: Publisher of the San Juan Record. Boyle has roots in the county that go back 4 generations.

“I think the federal government is looking to send messages to communities throughout the West that it is not OK to plunder…”

Interview date 1-20-16. 

Phil Lyman

Phil Lyman: San Juan County Commissioner who organized the Lands Council in response to Rep. Rob Bishop’s (R-UT) call to provide stakeholder driven input to the Utah Public Lands Initiative.

“…with the Navajo kids…to me  it was just as natural as making a friend with anyone else you like…”

Interview date 4-5-16.

Marcia Simonis: Utah Site Steward Coordinator for Friends of Cedar Mesa.

“Project Archaeology… specifically have been asked to do field trips on Cedar Mesa…it instills a respect for other cultures…”

Interview date: 1-26-16


Kay and Patsy Shumway

Kay and Patsy Shumway: The Shumways are longtime residents of Blanding, with roots in San Juan County extending back for 5 generations.

“what can we possibly do to show these federal agencies how the local people feel when they’re shut out of these places they’ve always loved for generations…”

Interview Date 10-26-15.

Heidi Redd

Heidi Redd: A cattle rancher since 1965.  Redd served as a member of San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman’s Public Lands Council.

“Ranching – isn’t an easy occupation… there is economic uncertainty every year, but it’s the love of doing it and producing something…”

Interview date: 4-20-16

10 Bruce Adams PHOTO_03.jpg

Bruce Adams: San Juan County Commissioner. Adams taught high school science for 30 years before serving as a Commissioner.

“…I don’t think we’re going to  keep the kids around. I think we’re headed to a tourism-based economy…”

Interview date: 1-25-16 .

Shane_Shumway (1).jpg

Shane Shumway: Rancher and general contractor, Blanding, UT. Member, San Juan County Lands Council.

“This is all I know, same as them. It seems like their voice seems to take more value in the national scene as mine… I’m as native as anybody else…”

Interview date: 1-28-16

Winston Hurst

Winston Hurst: Renowned archaeologist who has been working for decades to catalog archaeological sites on the Colorado Plateau.

“tragedy…we’ve allowed a situation to develop in which archaeology has become synonymous with environmentalism….”

Interview date 11-3-15.